Bring Pure and Fresh Air Ventilation System for Home

Tired of the pollutants you are battling with? Does the fine dust, stale air, smoke and other airborne allergens irritate your eyes and throat? Hometek presents premium Fresh air ventilation system for Home in Hyderabad - Air purifiers with HEPA technology filters that can remove 99.7 percent of the airborne particulate matter (PM) you and your loved ones are constantly exposed to.

Fresh air ventilation system for Home in Hyderabad
Fresh air systems


Fresh Air Systems

Fresh air systems for homes is a balanced ventilation system that usually has two fans and two duct systems. Fresh air supply and exhaust vents can be installed in every room to ensure a contant flow of fresh air required as per the ASHRAE norms while venting out the indoor air. The units are fitted with HEPA filters to ensure outdoor air is filtered before it enters indoors. Energy recovery fresh air units retain 80% of the energy from the indoor air which is used to cool /warm the air coming indoors to maintain ambient indoor temperatures.

Special exhaust units are used in areas such as toilets, wardrobes and kitchens to constantly exhaust stale air. No more smelly toilets.

It is recommended to have maintain 4-5 air exchanges per hour and all our solutions are designed to ensure that.